Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect?

The Mood Walks are not strenuous at all. We cover a maximum of about 3/4 miles, often less, over a period of two to three hours, on easy trail.  You will be guided through a series of invitations to help awaken the senses and reconnect with Nature. Hikes With Healers last about :90 minutes, are on natural and uneven terrain and take into consideration the abilities of all participants. 

Is it still on if it is raining?

​The event will still be on if it's raining, unless it is a really big downpour or violent storm. If it is raining it's important to have a waterproof shell including pants, and many people bring umbrellas also.  Rain often enhances sensory experience and makes for some of our most memorable walks.

​What should one bring?

We suggest bringing a snack or light lunch and water bottle, or if the day is cold you might want to consider bringing a thermos with a hot drink. 

If I need to leave early is that ok?

People do sometimes leave early, just let your guide know when you are leaving.

How do I register?

You should register for a service in order to know if the service will have enough participants to take place.  Group service rates require at least 4+ participants and private service rates are for 4 or less participants.  Please go to the "Get Involved" section of our website to register.  Making payment at registration is encouraged as it helps with starting the service on time which in turn provides more benefit to you and other participants.